Q & A

Video CameraYou have questions about the video process…we have answers and some tips:

How long will it take to get our DVDs?

Your DVDs will be ready eight to ten weeks from your event, provided that your videography profile is completed.

Don’t really know where to start? Here are some tips to help…

Tip #1

Make sure your videographer is up to date with the latest equipment. Ask if they shoot with DSLR or High Definition cameras and have the ability to give you High Definition DVDs.

Tip #2

The music you select will play a big part in the editing of your finished product. So, if you choose all slow songs, your video will have a slower pace. If you are having trouble deciding on music, ask your videographer for suggestions.

Tip #3

Hire your videographer and photographer from the same company. Since they often have to be in the same place at the same time, this will ensure that both parties will work together as a team, and not get in each other’s way. You will also have a cohesive look to your final videography and photography products.

Tip #4

Since audio is an integral piece of your video, have the groom wear a wireless microphone for the ceremony so you are sure to get crystal clear vows.

Tip #5

If you know you want a videographer but don’t have a whole lot of room in your budget, consider hiring one for just the ceremony. That way you are sure to have the most important part of your day to watch again. Or instead of having them start early to get your pre-ceremony getting ready footage, save a few hours and make the ceremony your starting time.

Have more questions?

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